Maryilyn and the Movie Stars

The Following Exhibition Was Planned, Organized, And Held By Rosini Gutman Gallery, American Pop Art, Inc., And Steve Kaufman Art Licensing Llc, With Special Thanks To Our Incredible Hosts And Sponsors.

Andy Warhol & Steve Kaufman Exhibitions To Support Earthquake Relief Efforts In Italy

August 30, 2016 / Riccione, Italy -- The City of Noto, Company Ideas Fenice, and the Municipality of Riccione, and the Rosini Gutman Foundation will donate € 1.00 from each full-price ticket from the current WARHOL-KAUFMAN art exhibitions to support earthquake victims in central Italy. This decision reinforces an earlier initiative by the Ministry of Culture to donate all ticket sales made by state museums on August 28, 2016.

Rather than be limited to one day, the organizers of the exhibitions “Warhol È Noto—Warhol’s Famous” and “Andy Warhol & Steve Kaufman: Marilyn & The Movie Stars" in Riccione extended the collection period for two consecutive months to ensure a tangible contribution toward humanitarian efforts.

All who visit the Warhol exhibition in Noto now through October 30, and the Warhol-Kaufman exhibition in Riccione through October 16 will, immediately upon cultural enrichment, validate their solidarity with everyone affected by the earthquake.

Involved will be all schools in the cities of Noto and Riccione, its cultural associations, and all community associations. By organizing synergistically for support, they also help strengthen the network via the sites dedicated to these two shows.

“Solidarity is an state of mind and a philosophy of life, and according to those of us working in the field of Arts and Culture, in the face of tragedies like this we must act immediately,” said Gianni Filippini, Director of Company Ideas Fenice, and Gianfranco Rosini, Director General of the Rosini Gutman Foundation, in a statement.

“We share the production efforts of the Warhol exhibition to implement a concrete initiative of solidarity that can help people affected by the earthquake,” said Corrado Bonfanti, Mayor of Noto.

"The Art and Culture should also serve to educate in moral and civic issues, and this tragedy may be yet another opportunity to demonstrate the Italian people are able to act quickly to address emergencies that arise,” said Renata Tosi, Mayor of Riccione.

Both exhibitions, “Andy Warhol & Steve Kaufman: Marilyn & The Movie Stars” through October 16 at the Villa Mussolini, Via Milano 40, Riccione, Italy, and “Warhol È Noto—Warhol’s Famous” through through October 30 at the Ex Convitto Ragusa, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Noto, Italy are a collaboration of American Pop Art, Inc., Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC, and the Rosini-Gutman Collection.

“Andy Warhol & Steve Kaufman: Marilyn & The Movie Stars” at Villa Mussolini in Riccione, Italy

July 16, 2016 / Riccione, Italy -- American Pop Art, Inc., Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC, and the Rosini-Gutman Collection are delighted to announce the exhibition, “Andy Warhol & Steve Kaufman: Marilyn & The Movie Stars” from July 24 through August 28, 2016 at the Villa Mussolini, Via Milano 40, Riccione, Italy.

“Andy Warhol & Steve Kaufman: Marilyn & The Movie Stars,” organized in conjunction with the Municipality of Riccione and its Institution of Cultural Services, features more than 50 unique works, including graphic works, autographed invitations, magazine covers, and posters dedicated to the cinema. The ever burning “star” is the artistic development of the two artists Warhol and Kaufman, clearly seen here, aside from their own worldwide fame.

Steve Kaufman holds a special place in Warhol's artistic career and pop art in general, since it is the perfect artistic and conceptual continuation of the serial reproduction path of the subjects where, just like the workshops of the Italian Renaissance, the touch of a master's work is "reinterpreted" in fine notes.

On July 15, Gianfranco Rosini of the Rosini Gutman Foundation was honored by the United Nations following the New York launch of "RESTART - Human Art Shield” in June. This ambitious cultural project will travel the New Silk Road, connecting East and West through the universal language of art. An extensive program of exhibitions and events are scheduled in Rome, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, China, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and additional stops in Asia and Australia through 2018.

“Andy Warhol & Steve Kaufman: Marilyn & The Movie Stars” is the second stage of this adventurous path.