Steve Alan Kaufman (SAK) December 29, 1960 – February 12, 2010

Steve Kaufman painted Icons: Coca Cola, Marilyn Monroe, Mozart, Beethoven, The Wizard of Oz, Mohammad Ali, his money series, and his paintings of famous singers, actors and icons. His audience was vast and large. He was legendary. He is remembered as a trailblazing American pop artist, former assistant to Andy Warhol, and a generous humanitarian. His paintings found their way into the homes and hearts of so many--capturing the true American pop art experience. He is so painfully missed, but his memory and his art will live forever.

Our collection of Steve’s art are sold, exhibited, licensed for products and placed in museums worldwide.

Diana Vachier and Steve Kaufman

American Pop Art, Inc. and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Steve Kaufman from 1999 till his passing in 2010. It was an incredible experience. From his warm smile and generous heart, to his ability to tell a great story--Steve made every day fun and an adventure. Watching him paint was an incredible privilege. Seeing the passion and creativity that he put into his art was an honor and something very very special to witness.

When Steve sadly died in 2010, at the young age of only 49, he had named me sole heir to his Intellectual Properties. (Ownership of all his right and licensing-copyrights.) It’s an honor that I take very seriously. It is with tremendous passion that I protect, promote his art, his name, art licensing and his legacy. I maintain the highest quality standards for all business projects. I also continue to sell his paintings and place Steve’s art into exhibitions and museums.

"I Am So Blessed To Have Known And Worked With Steve, And I Feel Honored To Have Stood In His Shadow."

Artists Inspired by Steve Kaufman

Steve Kaufman often made art of art. He took iconic and historical images and painted and embellished them. The result was exponential creativity. Learn more about new and emerging artists who, inspired by the late Steve Kaufman, are now using Steve's paintings as a base canvas upon which they add additional layers and forms of art.

Serena Bobbo

Serena Bobbo chose Steve Kaufman as her topic of intense study and her thesis in preparation for her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Trieste, Italy. Click here for the story on our blog.

Serena's thesis "Steve Kaufman E La Pop Art” has since been translated into several languages:

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* Click here for FRENCH
* Click here for GERMAN
* Click here for ITALIAN
* Click here for SPANISH

Nick Pichler

“Steve and Me” and "Street Smart Art" are the convergence of pop art by Steve Kaufman with reflection art and street photography by Nik Pichler.

Roberto Strelz

Photographer Roberto Srelz presented his modern interpretation of “American Pop Art: Icons” with a series of photo and graphic art composites using Steve Kaufman art as a backdrop. Click the image to learn more about this series.

Houston Symphony

Founded in 1913, the Houston Symphony has played a central role in Houston, Texas' cultural and civic life for more than 100 years and is now one of America's oldest performing arts organizations with a distinguished musical history. Please visit the Houston Symphony website at

Fürstenland Chor Gossau

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