Sizes of each in “FaCeS” series are 8.5” x 11”


“My fascination with faces started as a child, when I first saw a group of watercolor paintings of clowns in the basement of a friends house, to this day they remain vivid in my mind.Today, the clowns I saw as a child for me have evolved into the faces I draw today, in a kind of outsider Pop Art different from the traditional art scene. It is the type of art you can take chances with, not to plan in advance, where a mistake can lead tosomething better thanwhat you first thought of. Rules if any are meant to be broken again and again, where you have the freedom to draw without restrictions, to be daring in your approach to experiment and explore.My mediums change, from paints to markers to acrylic dyes and collage as I like to try different things on different materials, even some that should not go together, my favorite being crispyellow pages from old forgotten books, circling words to get my point across.I met Steve Kaufman once years ago in NYC, I can still remember his enthusiasm for art and the excitement that surrounded it, he was one of a kind, an inspiration to me to follow my dreams wherever they may lead me. I have several pieces of his art in my home. To him, American Pop Art Inc., other fellow artists and teachers I have met along the way, thank you I love you all.” - Karen Mandracchia

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Karen Mandracchia Biography

Growing up on Long Island in New York, Karen was always interested in thearts as a form of expression. In her teenage years that interest took her on apath that lead her into a professional career as a photographer. Throughout hercareer she attended many seminars and joined many groups to further her education, which in turn helped her to win many local and international awards. Now she finds herself in the digital age of photography and art, a world thatis far from where she started as a teenager. The sky seems to be the limit in herquest for self expression. Karen uses her photography to catch a moment intime or sometimes likes to create a composite of images and textures, evendistorting them to create an illusion which has a distinctive look.

Her creative side has also taken her into the world of mono printing, collage,glass fusing and found object art, where she can truly express her abstract wayof thinking. What she likes to call her “chaos of the thought process” is her wayof seeing things in a different light. Her critical eye is always on the hunt, along with her ability to start the process of associating things in her own unique way,and in so doing creating a one of a kind piece of art.

Now living in the town of Bethel, New York home of the Woodstock Festival,she spends part of her time at the Bethel Center for the Performing Arts, as aadjunct staff member, teaching others her techniques. In her art andphotography, one thing can be said, her passion and desire to express it isconstant and it shouts out in ways that cannot be ignored. It invites you into herworld and to participate in her artistic creations.