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Volume One “Steve Kaufman aka SAK Catalogue Raisonné Reg. TM and SM.” Published. Available in hardcopy.é-volume-1--2022

Steve Kaufman aka SAK (1960 - 2010)

(Former Assistant to Andy Warhol)

American Pop Art, established in 2000 and incorporated in 2005, works exclusively with the art of Steve Kaufman aka SAK.

I am proud to offer my collection to art collectors with prices that are wide ranged and affordable. My entire collection was received directly from Steve’s hands to mine during the 11 years I worked and represented him, prior to his passing. Steve wanted everyone who wanted one of his paintings to be able to afford one. We believe that everyone should be able to have art in their homes. When you find an artist that is true to their soul, they are painting for themselves and for the people. The greatest feeling for an artist is when their art is sold and knowing it will be enjoyed for generations.

Over the years since his passing in 2010, I have exhibited his art in Europe and the States as well as placed his art in major art museums Globally. I also hold the official STEVE KAUFMAN (SAK) Catalogue Raisonné®, a trademark (TM) and service mark (SM) of Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC. Every piece in my collection comes with the documentation that proves its authenticity and is registered into this important catalogue. This is a documented history of Steve’s works.

Please look through my website to learn more about this brilliant artist, his works, exhibitions, licensing programs and museum placements.

Please contact me for any information you would like to know about Steve Kaufman and his art.

Thank you,
Diana Vachier

Steve Kaufman telling Picaso story

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