July 13, 2012 / Pietrasanta, Italy -- American Pop Art, Inc., an online virtual art gallery exclusively dedicated to Steve Kaufman art, is proud to announce that highly prized artwork by the late Steve Kaufman is now on display at the Palazzo Guiscardo in Pietrasanta, Italy.

Described as a “dream hotel,” the Palazzo Guiscardo is a stunning 19th century palace that has been transformed into a luxury residence, and located in the Versilia stretch of beaches along the Tuscan coast. The art experience in Pietrasanta is as essential as breathing, hotel officials claim, and so they established an art gallery featuring modern and pop art works by artists Andy, Steve Kaufman, Giuseppe Veneziano, Andrea Franco lino, Massimo Caccia, Formisano, and Piero Giannoni.

Steve Kaufman’s Half a Hundred Dollar Ben, Marilyn Chanel, Lady Liberty, Hearts, NYC Taxi, Red Bull, Marilyn "Come here," and Peace paintings are part of this exciting exhibit. Former assistant to Andy Warhol, Steve Kaufman is remembered as a charismatic American pop artist and a generous humanitarian. You may view the Palazzo Guiscardo’s gallery online at http://www.palazzoguiscardo.it/ita/art_gallery.htm.

“It gives me such happiness to see that Steve Kaufman's art is getting the exposure and appreciation it deserves. It is sad that when an artist passes that their work is taken so much more seriously. I am now being bombarded by collectors for his art. Like the saying goes, ‘you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone,’” said Diana Vachier of Long Beach, NY, who had worked with the late artist since 2001.

When the Palazzo Guiscardo was first renovated, all the original architectural features such as the floors, banisters and decorations were saved. The hotel has nine rooms, each with its own distinct style and furniture, and each named after the types of precious regional marble that adorn the baths. For more information about Palazzo Guiscardo in Pietrasanta, Italy, please visit http://www.palazzoguiscardo.it/index_eng.html.

For more information about artist Steve Kaufman, please visit www.americanpopartinc.com. For art inquiries, please contact Diana Vachier at [email protected].