Pop Art by Steve Kaufman Now on Exhibit at Mihal Gallery, Hotel Múza in Slovakia

July 7, 2012 / Košice, Slovakia -- American Pop Art, Inc., an online virtual art gallery exclusively dedicated to Steve Kaufman art, is proud to announce that highly prized artwork by the late Steve Kaufman is now on display at the Mihal Gallery at Hotel Múza in Košice, Slovakia.

The newly built design Hotel Múza in Košice has forged a unique path in the Slovak market through its establishment of an unconventional gallery featuring film, fine arts, and music – dedicating one level to each of these muses. The exclusive Mihal Gallery is a one of a kind project outlining the life and work of Andy Warhol, and contains original artwork by Warhol, Steve Kaufman, and Daniel Brogyanyi. Steve Kaufman’s “4 John Lennon” oil on canvas painting is part of this exciting new exhibit. Former assistant to Andy Warhol, Steve Kaufman is remembered as a charismatic American pop artist and a generous humanitarian.

The Hotel Múza features additional works by Steve Kaufman on its web page http://www.hotelmuza.sk/en/mihal-gallery.php. The artwork appears on the page, from top to bottom: Steve Kaufman 4 John Lennon, Steve Kaufman Hollywood Marilyn, Andy Warhol Marilyn, Steve Kaufman 6 Marilyns, and Steve Kaufman Sinatra; and from left to right: Steve Kaufman Blond Girl (stained glass piece), Steve Kaufman Sinatra, and Steve Kaufman Marilyn Pop.

“It gives me such happiness to see that Steve Kaufman's art is getting the exposure and appreciation it deserves. It is sad that when an artist passes that their work is taken so much more seriously. I am now being bombarded by collectors for his art. Like the saying goes, ‘you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone,’” said Diana Vachier of Long Beach, NY, who had worked with the late artist since 2001.

Among the 25 pieces on exhibit at Mihal Gallery is Andy Warhol’s unique Marilyn Monroe, a manual unpublished print. To get to the collection, guests need to pass an unusual glass staircase tastefully decorated with visuals of Warhol’s masterpieces. The gallery also features a life-size statue of Warhol sitting on a huge Campbell’s soup can in a relaxed pose, a catalogue of works, and an audiovisual display. For more information about Mihal Gallery, please visit http://www.mihalgallery.sk/?lang=en.

What also makes the Hotel Múza unique is the fact that the rooms are not numbered, but are identified by names of artistic personalities including Greta Garbo and of course Andy Warhol. Located in central Košice, the hotel is close to prime shopping centers at Optima and Cassovia, Kika, Nay, Asko and Mercury Market. The Hotel Múza was classified as a three-star design hotel following a thorough reconstruction in 2008-9. The European Restaurant and lounge on the building’s ground level consists of three sections that can be used for business meetings and social events. The Mihal Gallery is also used as a private suite for VIP guests. For more information, please visit http://www.hotelmuza.sk/en/index.php.

For more information about artist Steve Kaufman, please visit www.americanpopartinc.com. For art inquiries, please contact Diana Vachier at [email protected].