Catalogue Raisoneé - Acronyms
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​• AP •
ARTIST PROOF is an image made for the artist by the printer and intended for the artist's personal use. Because they are "closer to the artist's hand," APs tend to be more valuable than limited editions.

• CP •
CREATIVE PROOF is an image Steve Kaufman made to see if he liked the color or silkcreens, to determine if he would enjoy moving forward and making editions of it. CP by industry standards can also mean CANCELLATION PROOF. When a limited edition has been completed, the plate from which the prints have been made is creatively defaced so that no more prints can be made. A single print, the cancellation proof, is then made to show graphically that the edition of prints has indeed been halted by destroying the "negative" from which the prints were made.

• PP •
PRINTER PROOF or publisher's proof is taken for the printer to see how the image is printing, or are final impressions the printer is allowed to keep. These are fewer than artist's proofs, and provide a more exclusive opportunity for collectors.

• RR •
REGISTER RESIDENCE were pieces Steve Kaufman intended for people he worked with or as gifts.

• TP •
TRIAL PROOF is a working proof pulled before the edition to see what the print looks like at a stage of development, which differs from the edition. Usually trial proofs are of small number, and each one differs from the others.

• GKAB •
GIVE KIDS A BREAK was a program launched by Steve Kaufman to aid troubled youth and provide them with jobs in his studio.  Paintings marked GKAB were created to support this effort.  Click here to learn more about the Give Kids a Break program.

*** It is important to note that Steve Kaufman lived his life and created art by his own freedom and never sharply conformed to the general rules that many artists use for their editions.