Allison Salenetri
“I met Steve back in 2005. I still can’t believe I actually met him. He was so much fun and I knew he was a big deal back then, but through the years I’ve come to truly understand what an amazing artist and human he was. I can’t believe that all these years later, my artwork is represented alongside his. What an unbelievable honor and opportunity. He and his legacy are such an inspiration! “ - Allison Salenetri

Allison Salenetri Biography

Based out of Lambertville New Jersey, Allison Salenetri is a self-taught mixed media artist specializing in paper collage. Each completed piece is one of a kind; hand cut and deconstructed from vintage and contemporary books and magazines. She then mounts each piece in unique antique frames, resulting in a whimsical and harmoniously bizarre composition.

Throughout Allison's life, one thing has consistently stayed the same; she has always found a way express her passion is a bold way. Allison’s interests range from the physical realm to the more refined; having played for an Internationally-ranked roller derby team to working as a makeup artist for the runways of New York Fashion Week, Music Videos, and Print magazines.

In recent years especially, Allison has delved into her art more than ever as a way to express and reflect on her life in a raw, and honest way. While most of the pieces represent feelings of chaos, resilience, failure, hope, rebirth, struggle, and/or disillusionment, other pieces are just fun and make Allison smile with its’ goofy juxtaposition.