United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

all proceeds from the sale of this painting will benefit
the u.s. holocaust memorial museum in washington, d.c.

Because the museum can only accept artwork that directly relates to the time period and events associated with the Holocaust,
American Pop Art, Inc. is hosting this online silent auction -- ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of the painting below will go to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  We welcome you to participate, and we truly appreciate your support in upholding the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's vital mission to ensure that all generations, now and in the future, learn the timely and urgent lessons of the Holocaust.  Click here to learn more about the museum.
Steve Alan Kaufman (1960-2010) was the former assistant to Andy Warhol, and went on to become one of the greatest American pop artists.
He made history with his works of art and by introducing new mediums and new art techniques.  He was also a generous humanitarian.
Diana Vachier, owner of American Pop Art, Inc., friend and assistant to Steve Kaufman, and member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, has chosen a Steve Kaufman Original painting and not a Limited Edition for this silent auction.  The highest bidder on this painting will, in our appreciation, own a work of art that would normally be reserved only for a museum.

by steve alan kaufman (SAK)
22" x 25" ORIGINAL circa 1997
Retail value:  $14,000

Our chosen painting is a Steve Kaufman Original hand painted oil on canvas silkscreen, an homage to the legendary artist Rembrandt.  
For this particular work, Steve Kaufman painted on "Old World Linen," the same type of linen canvas that the old master artists used many years ago.  It gives this painting an old world look.  The colors are truly magnificent.

front view of steve kaufman "rembrandt"

side view of steve kaufman "rembrandt"


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