MARTA LOCK - Inspired by steve kaufman
Marta Lock is an Italian writer born in Terni on December 30, 1970.  She began writing in 2010 at the age of 40 after having changed many jobs—Marta was looking for the right path, but never imagined becoming a writer.  Over the years, Marta lived in Djerba, an island in Tunisia; in Akumal, Mexico, and in Varadero, Cuba for two years, where she worked as an entertainer in tourist resorts.  This was start of her journey in discovering her writing talent.
Marta Lock wrote four novels, which were published in Italian: Tunisian Night, That Year in Cuba, Meeting again in Paris, and Miami Diaries.  Her novel Meeting Again in Paris won three literary awards: "La Tavolozza" in 2014, "Words of Soul" in 2014, and "Literary Award of Mesagne Town" in 2014.  Her novel Miami Diaries won two literary awards: "Locanda del Doge" in 2014, and "Between the Words and Infinite" in 2014.
Currently, Marta authors a weekly column on her web site titled The Fleeting Moment, where she discusses feelings, emotions, and relationships in the post modern age, which is read by many followers.
In her most recent book, Thoughts for Art, Marta Lock merged her writings—emotional and philosophical thoughts—to 150 paintings by contemporary artists.  The result is an enlightening synergy of art and prose: a perfect union of feelings inspired by images to words.
The magic of Thoughts for Art guided Marta Lock to eventually meet Alberto Panizzoli of Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC at the Vernissage exhibition in Milano, where she was immediately drawn to the intensity and vivid colors of Steve Kaufman's paintings.  With the encouragement of Diana Vachier, the heir to Steve Kaufman, Marta and Alberto decided to begin a new project that would marry Marta Lock’s verses to the artist’s famous paintings.  The Mozart State II portrait and written response is first in this special series. 
Marta Lock feels she has many points in common with Steve Kaufman: They are both astrological Capricorns born exactly 10 years and one day apart.  Both are dedicated to charitable causes.  With Steve’s passing in 2010 came the birth of Marta’s powerful writings.  These energies fuel the convergence and partnership of Marta Lock with the legacy of Steve Kaufman.

Read the article about Steve Kaufman by Marta Lock for Alpi Fashion Magazine:
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