A. Sims
“The American Pop Art Inc. team is consistent of great artist and entrepreneurs! The collective is enabling not only myself but other artist the opportunity to be represented and displayed to people around the world! Really a great opportunity and I’m very grateful to be a part of this journey!”   A. Sims

A. Sims Biography

Robert Anthony Sims (October 11, 1998) is a Mexican-American expressionist, who began painting in December 2017 with anything he could gain access to. In the beginning he bought cheap paint from walmart and received acrylics, oils, and pastels from his friends and family. Later, in early 2018 he made his way into the streets of Memphis, TN where he started as a graffiti artist/tagger who would find opportunities to gain entry into street shows, put on by local organizers. Around the beginning of 2019 he landed his first magazine publications and gallery shows in the city. Since, Robert has expanded and been all over the country becoming active in areas such as Dallas/Ft Worth, TX and New York, New York.

Heavily influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Banksy, Steve Kaufman, Bobby Ray Simmons, Eminem, Nikola Tesla, Alan Turing, Fredrick Nietchez, Diogenes the Cynic, Jack Sparrow, and Tony Stark, Robert finds all these individuals influence in his creations.

A dynamic understanding of the two juxtapositioning balances of nature "extemporized dichotomies" is brought to life through organized chaos in each of Roberts works. Growing up not accepted by white, black, or hispanic peers Roberts perspective of the individual is the focus of his work. He was in and out of special education speech courses as well as in accelerated learning courses throughout elementary school. His home life was a poor, check to check bases,  and constant eviction notices during the week and on weekends he spent his time with his best friend in a stable middle class environment. These opposing forces of nature would create a very impressionable, fatherless artist. Although, the self-made man aspect he endured remains with Robert today as part of his artistic drive and perspective that if anyone desires something all they have to do is create it.